This guy just got a tattoo of naked manicures

The manicures on the man’s arm are covered in black ink, and the tattoo is hidden by a black strip of plastic.

The man, identified only as “Joe,” says he gets his manicures at two different manicures shops: one in San Diego, and one in Houston.

“The shop that’s open most of the time is my favorite,” he says.

“They’re good.

I like that they pay me and don’t charge anything.

I love to pay them.”

When I ask him about his experience at the San Diego salon, he says he usually picks out manicures that are made by a local artist.

“It’s the same kind of thing I would do in the real world,” he adds.

“But they’re a bit different.

I’m not into the fake ones, but they’re still the same as a real nail art.”

In addition to the two different locations, Joe says the salon in San Francisco is also one of his favorite in the Bay Area.

“If I go to any of my local manicure shops, I’ll get the same exact color, same exact manicure.

So it’s really nice.”

Joe, who lives in Austin, Texas, says he is a fan of tattooing, and he was happy to get his own tattoo.

“I was very lucky to get it done at the salon,” he said.

“Not only because I had the time, but because I got a lot of positive feedback from the people who saw it.”

Joe said that he does not want his story to be a distraction from the other positive experiences he has had at the two other manicures shop in the area.

“These guys are amazing,” he added.

“That’s really all I ask.

If I want a tattoo, I want it done right, I will pay.”

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