You can get manicures in the store at your local manicurist store, but you need to buy a bottle or two to make them yourself

The manicure aisle is the largest and most diverse in the retail industry, and it’s not uncommon to see manicure items that look nothing like the rest of the store.

That’s not to say you can’t buy them in the grocery store, as many stores do sell bottles of lipsticks and nail polish.

You can purchase manicure products online at your favorite online nail salon or at nail salon shops, but there are plenty of nail shops in the country that carry manicure options for purchase.

You might want to start with an online salon, but once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, you can also find a local manicure shop near you.

Here are the top-rated nail salon websites in the United States, according to an analysis of the top 10,000 most-visited websites in each of the major cities.

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Mascara Boutique in Miami Beach, Florida $5.99 a popThe most expensive salon in the U.S., it’s best known for its expensive, gold-plated manicure brushes, which are priced at up to $5,000.

You’ll also find nail polish, eye shadow and lip balm. 


Lipstick and Make Up Salon in New York City $10.99 a popThe same makeup department as Mascaras Boutique, this salon specializes in high-end nail polish and lip products, including lipsticks, eyeshadow and glosses. 


The Salon in Portland, Oregon $8.99 A$9.99A $10 manicure at the Salon in Portland has a long history in Portland.

Its first salon opened in 1909, but it was purchased by the Portland Oregon State Teachers’ Association (POSS) in 1978. 


Wedding and Valentines Salon in San Francisco, California $11.99-$16.99$12.99Lipsticks at the Weddings and Valentinations Salon in San Francisco sell for $12, with nail polish available for $5. 


TallTiger Salon in Nashville, Tennessee $12-$20 a popTall Tiger Salon in Tennessee has nail salon prices that are slightly higher than the Mall of New York.

The salon is known for having some of the most stunning manicures of the season. 


Hollywood Forever Salon in Los Angeles, California  $12-16 a popLip gloss and nail color at the Hollywood Forever Salon in Los Angeles. 


Nail Salon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  $10-$14 a popNail salon at the salon at the Nail Salon at Philadelphia is the only one of the four nail salons in the city that sells lipsticks. 


Coconut Salon in Miami Gardens, Florida  $9-$13 a pop Coconut Salon in Florida is a salon in Coral Gables that sells nail care products, with manicure prices ranging from $10-$15. 


Kylie’s Beauty Salon in Orlando, Florida$9-12 a pop Kylie’s is a local salon that specializes in natural products and nail care, but their prices are much lower than the other nail salon at Kylie. 


P.A. Cosmetics in San Antonio, Texas $6.99-8.49 a popP.a.

Cosmes sells nail products in a variety of shades.

Their P.P.S. lips are a great choice for those looking for a more natural look. Read more For more of the best beauty deals on beauty and fashion in 2018, check out the 20 Most Popular Beauty Deals of 2018. 

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