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A few years ago, the first-ever Canadian woman to win the Miss Canada title was crowned in a beauty pageant in her home country.

Now, a Canadian woman is taking over as Miss USA after winning the title of Miss Beauty.

The Canadian pageant winner is Kailin Beaudoin-Coty, a 30-year-old Canadian who also happens to be a Canadian citizen and a former contestant on “The Bachelor.”

The pageant’s theme song, “Beauty for All,” is a nod to the pageant’s title: “Beautiful for All.”

The Canadian Miss Universe is one of the world’s most prestigious beauty contests.

In 2017, it featured more than 30 contestants, including former Miss USA Missy Franklin, and a record number of women from around the world, including the Canadian.

Beaudoin-Cotey won the title in September 2017 after finishing fourth overall, beating out former Miss World winner Emily St-Pierre and Miss World finalist Nina Hartley.

Beaudoin, a student at the University of Toronto, says she has been planning for the pageant for about two years, even before the announcement last year.

“It’s not even a thought.

I’m already preparing for it,” she said.”

I just wanted to get the recognition that I deserve.

It’s just been an honor to be crowned, and it’s a big, big honour to be the Miss USA.”

Beaudoins win is a great example of how a new generation of women can compete with past contestants and achieve the same success, she said, adding that she’s also looking forward to competing in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in March in Mexico.

Beauchemin said she has a few tips for new contestants: “Just remember that this is not your first pageant.

Be your best.”

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