When the ‘Manicure’ craze hits Perth, it’s time to think about a different way of thinking

Manicure stores have become popular in the US, and in Australia, and the demand is starting to spill over.

The idea of an in-store spa is being adopted by more than a few retailers, with stores like Melbourne’s Parr’s selling a range of high-end products.

But there are also a number of smaller and local outlets, some of which are also selling manicures.

We want to think outside the box and do something that is more interesting than just having a mani or a manicure, say, with the hope that it will be of some benefit to customers and it will really make them feel special.

Manicurist and owner of Parr, Emma Waddell says she is finding the market is starting a trend of small-business owners wanting to offer services for clients.

“I think it’s a bit of a niche market, so we do what we can to cater for them,” Ms Waddella said.

The salon industry has been in the spotlight in recent months following the revelation of the mass-shaming of one of its members.

Melbourne’s Parrs Manicures is a small salon business, but the salon owner says the backlash has not been so bad.

They are being targeted in a very different way, and it is very sad and upsetting.

Ms Waddello says the salon is not a target market for any other businesses in the industry, but has been inundated with offers of services from customers.

She says the business has been receiving inquiries from other local businesses, which are now starting to offer similar services.

It’s definitely an area of growth, she said.

“I think people want a spa, and they don’t necessarily want a manis, or a hair dryer, or anything else, they just want a nice manicure.”

While there is no doubt the industry needs to evolve to become more relevant, Ms Wadells advice is to not be too quick to take a leap of faith.

“We need to think and think and try to do something different.

We’re just going to have to keep trying.”

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