Naked manicure chains are being shut down

Naked manicures, hair care and manicure accessories are all going to go the way of the dodo.

The online retailer has announced that it will stop selling its brands in the US, including the $4.99-per-piece Kmart, and will not carry its products in its stores.

The announcement comes after the retailer announced last month that it would be discontinuing the US market for its flagship manicure brands in mid-October.

Naked has been one of the most profitable retailers in the country.

It has grown into a global brand thanks to its high-end luxury and beauty brands.

It also has a network of beauty salons, beauty boutiques and beauty saloons in the UK, the US and Italy.

The company has been struggling to find the resources to stay afloat as its revenue has fallen.

Naked lost $8.5 million last year, according to The Information, and reported a loss of $3.9 million in its second quarter.

Its parent company, CosmetIQ, reported a net loss of about $5.6 million for the same period. 

 Naked is the only major American brand to have been forced to close its doors.

Kmart has been the victim of its own success.

Its stores are no longer selling its popular Kmart line of products, but it is still selling the Kmart Salon, which features the popular KMart products. 

Nude is the third largest online retailer in the world with about 100 million registered users. 

Its brands include Nude Couture, Nude Makeup, Nudes, Nudie, NUDESTORE and Nudematch. 

More from The Next Word: Nudestore and Kmart are two of the few luxury retailers left in the United States. 

The company is not going to get a bailout from the government, which will continue to cut off its money. 

A Naked spokesperson told Business Insider that the company is currently assessing the effects of the shutdown. 

“We continue to believe in the importance of our mission and our vision for the future of the Naked brand and the brands we offer,” the spokesperson said. 

But the shutdown is not just affecting Kmart.

Kincora and the Beauty Shack brand also were shut down by the US government.

K inca, Kinca and the NUDES brand are the only other luxury brands left in that market. 

There is no word yet on when the Naked stores will reopen.

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