How to find the perfect manicure at the French manicure shop

By FourFour2 | Mar 3, 2020 12:22:38France has a long and storied history of manicure shops and boutiques, but what about its manicure retail outlets?

French manicurists have been selling their goods since the 19th century, but the latest trend is the proliferation of boutique manicure stores and fashion boutiques. 

A French manicurer with a big heartOne of the more prominent French manicures shops is the Pateau Rouge salon in Paris, which specializes in handcrafted manicures.

This salon, which opened in 2006, was named in honour of the woman who first introduced it.

A nail salon in a French manicured hotelAnother stylish French manicuring salon is located in a Parisian hotel, and has been selling its manicures since 2013.

The salon offers handcrafted nails, hand-drawn portraits, hand made dresses, and manicure sets.

Nail salon in the French embassyThe French embassy in London has a nail salon and manicurist, and also offers a number of manicures, from hand-painted to hand-made.

The French Embassy in London is located just steps away from the Tate Modern. 

What you need to know about manicures: Maisquieu’s famous manicure was first created by Pierre Bourdin, the painter, who was born in 1783. 

French manicurism started as a means to help people get their nails done. 

Mascara is a form of manicuring that creates a soft, shiny finish. 

Nails are often shaped like flowers, and the most famous nail designs are the “flaming, white roses.” 

Menswear designer Marc Jacobs is a French icon, and his iconic, gold-hued suits have been a popular choice for manicure customers. 

In recent years, there have been numerous nail and makeup companies that specialize in nail-centric beauty products. 

L’Oréal, L’Oreal and L’Oracall are some of the most popular brands, but there are other nail companies that offer nail care, including Dermablend and Mascara. 

Some nail-care products are available only at nail salons. 

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