The 20 Best Beauty Products From The 20th Anniversary of The 30 Rock Theme Song – Video

In the 50 years since 30 Rock debuted on Saturday Night Live, the show has remained a cultural touchstone for pop culture and music, and remains one of the most influential comedies of all time.

But when 30 Rock was revived for a fourth season on Monday, the musical’s legacy was in doubt.

With the show’s theme song now being adapted for television, 30 Rock’s long-awaited comeback will almost certainly be remembered not for its greatness, but for its absence.

As a fan of the show, it was only a matter of time before The Simpsons became an official musical, but not for much longer.

The 20 Best Classic Pop Songs Of The 2070sWhile most of us would still be surprised to hear the Simpsons return to the pop charts, there are still some pop songs that can be found in the 2070.

We’ve gathered some of our favourites from the show that we feel were the best.

We’ve chosen the 20 songs that are most relevant to this time, but some of them are not directly connected to the series.

If you’re in the mood to sing along to your favourite classic pop tune, there’s still plenty of other music out there for you.


The Sound of My Heart – The Sound Of My Heart (1985)While it was the first song the cast sang on Saturday night’s show, the soundtrack to the first episode of The Simpsons was originally written by Simpsons writer Lisa Kudrow.

The song is one of several in The Simpsons that were inspired by Kudrows own music.


“Karate Chop” – The Simpsons Theme Song (1989)Kudos to Bob Karpeles and the entire cast of The Simpson for being able to produce an actual Kung Fu movie.

The theme of this episode, written by Karpels daughter, Kim, was inspired by the martial arts film Kung Fu Panda.

It’s a fun tune, and the song is also featured in a later episode, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants.


“Achy Breaky Heart” – Simpsons Theme (1980)The Simpsons’ first episode had a lot of musical references, and this song was one of them.

Karpes daughter Kim wrote this song for the show and included it in the episode.


“All My Friends” – Homer’s Mom and Uncle’s Theme Song, “Homer’s Mom & Dad” (1989)(This version is from the episode The Treehouse of Horror XXII, but the original version has been preserved for posterity.)

This was one song that was very popular on the show as a children’s song, and it was played on the air by Homer Simpson’s mom and uncle.

The first version was performed by the cast and it’s still a favorite of the original Simpsons team.


“Piano Man” – Karpeshian Piano Man (1990)(This song is from The Simpsons episode The Family Tree, which was originally aired on January 27, 1990.)

The Simpsons’ theme song for The Simpsons premiered in 1985, and Karpeliens piano music was used in the musical to this day.


“Mama Said It” – Lisa Simpson’s Theme (1990)This was the second Simpsons song to appear on The Simpsons.

It was originally performed by Lisa Simpson and the cast, but Lisa was replaced in later seasons by Kim Simpson.


“The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” – Family Dog Theme (1985)(This is the original Karpelin music for this song.

Kars piano is a major part of this version.)

This is one song from the first season of The Family Dog, which aired on March 3, 1985.

The Family Dogs song is a parody of the hit TV series The Simpsons, which featured a young Bart Simpson as the show mascot.


“I’m A Celebrity” – This Is My Life (1985)[This version of the song was originally sung by Lisa and her husband.

This version of this song has been saved and is in the Simpsons Movie Collection.]

Lisa’s original line in this episode was taken from this episode.

The Simpsons are a comedy-drama show about the life of a celebrity, and Lisa’s famous line, “I can’t believe I’m a celebrity!” was originally taken from the sitcom I Love Lucy.


“When You Were Young” – My Love (1986)(This was written by Lisa’s daughter Kim Karpelman, who also wrote this version of “The Simpsons Theme.”)

Karpels original line was taken in a song called “My Love,” and was sung by the main characters.

The show is also credited as being the inspiration for Lisa’s line, which is still used in several episodes of The Bart Simpson Family Tree.


“Let Me Go” – Love Me Do (1990)[This is from Lisa’s episode The

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