What is the real reason for India’s lack of nail polish?

An article by Amit Chaudhuri and Ritu Prakash Mishra on The Hindu.comIn the age of mass beauty and social media, the average Indian has grown accustomed to wearing nails.

A survey conducted by India Today showed that almost half of India’s population was worried about the health risks posed by wearing nails, and about one in three Indians said they had lost their nails due to the epidemic of nail fungus.

The latest poll by the National Consumer Council (NCC), a non-profit organisation that aims to improve consumer choices, shows that while the country has seen a rapid growth in the number of nail salons, the number has slowed down over the past decade.

The NCC survey of 1,000 adults in 2016 showed that one in four Indians had lost at least one nail during the previous year.

It also showed that a quarter of Indians were worried about becoming a nail salon customer, and one in five were unhappy about the quality of their nails.

These findings have been confirmed by a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that showed that in the country of 2.7 billion people, nearly half of adults were concerned about nail salon infection rates.

The survey was conducted in May 2017 by the NCC, and asked a series of questions on the state of the nail salon industry.

According to the NCI, only 13% of the Indian population has access to a nail saloon, with only one in 10 Indians getting their nails done by a nail stylist.

“We have a nail industry that has suffered for the past 20 years.

The nail salon population has dropped from almost 40% of all people in the world in the early 1990s to just 20% in 2016.

This has resulted in the decline in the quality and quantity of nails that are being sold,” says Gopal Subramanian, a professor of economics at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

The nail salon market is dominated by large corporations, such as Shoppers Drug Mart and L’Oreal.

These companies are seen as having the resources to invest in more skilled, trained, and experienced staff.

In addition, these companies are also seen as being less inclined to hire people who have been injured or sick.

These industries also rely on imported products and have a strong marketing strategy.

This may explain why many Indians feel they can’t afford to buy nail polish.

According the survey, only 23% of Indians are willing to pay more than Rs 500 for a polish, while only 15% are willing and able to pay Rs 10,000 or more.

While the nail salton industry is not in a state of decline, the shortage of affordable nail polish has affected the quality, quantity and quality of products available.

The lack of quality nail polish and the lack of availability of nail products is seen as a big issue for many people.

“It is a problem in the sense that people are unable to get quality products.

They don’t know what quality is.

Some people say the quality is inferior, or worse.

People who have gone to the salon say they do not feel they have quality products,” Subramania says.

While some of the products that are available in the market are quite affordable, they can be expensive.

For instance, a bottle of nail gel at Rs 1,200 costs around Rs 300.

A small number of Indian nail saloons do have a quality control department.

In addition, nail salontons in the United States, Australia and other developed countries have their own nail salone shops, and many nail salouns in the US have similar quality control systems.

“In India, the nail stores are mostly owned by the state, so the quality control system is not as good as the rest of the market,” says Subramani.

“For instance, in India, it is a big concern that the quality controls are not good, and the quality can be lower than the rest,” he adds.

According to the survey results, nail polish quality is often not monitored in India.

“It is quite difficult to know what is actually in the nail polish that is being sold.

We can’t even know how many times they have washed their nails,” Subriani says.”

One of the reasons why Indian nail stores and nail salonte are not in good shape is because the quality standards are not well monitored and it is difficult to do any quality control checks.

It is difficult for us to check if we have the right ingredients or what ingredients are in the product,” Subraani adds.

Even when Indian nail shops and salontains are well managed, it can be difficult to ensure that the products are safe for use.

For example, the quality level of the materials used in nail polishes is not up to scratch.

According the NCCI, India is one of the worst countries for nail polish production, due to high labour costs and a lack of skilled workers.

“The main reason

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