‘Manicure’ Store Is ‘Maniacal’ and Has a ‘Shameless’ Rant

A manicure supply shop has been slammed for its “maniacal” rants against “shameless” retailers, which include the chain H20, which has accused it of “soliciting” customers.

“This is not a place where customers are welcomed to shop,” the chain said in a statement on Friday, describing the salon as “shambolic”.

“Shameless, shoddy, dishonest, abusive, dishonest customers.”

The statement came after the salon posted a video on YouTube of a customer, who said he was “shocked” to see “shoddy, shambling, disgusting” products at the salon.

“I have had my hair professionally done at this salon before and the customers were all really nice,” the man, who identified himself as Peter, said.

“And now you are using them to sell shampoos and shampory.”

The salon’s owner, Michael Stowe, told BuzzFeed News he was unaware of the videos.

“They were not our intention,” Mr Stowe said.

But the salon, which was founded in 2008, had taken a different tack, with a “manicurist of the year” and “manically” ranting on its Facebook page.

“The salon has been the worst offender for this behaviour,” the post said.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Mr Stow said: “The video is an obvious joke and we would not condone such behaviour.”

“If you look at the videos on the salon’s YouTube channel, it is a parody of H20 and is clearly a joke.”

The post has received more than 5,000 “likes” and over 8,000 shares.

“H20 are the worst offenders in our business.

The only person who deserves the hate is the salon owner,” Mr Voehr said.

The man in the video, who is not identified, said he paid about $150 for the product.

The salon has denied making any false claims about H20.

“We do not advertise our products or services, nor do we take any responsibility for the products we offer,” the salon said.

H20 has been called the “most abusive” salon in the country, and its website has attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

“A few days ago, the salon in question was accused of having an unfair business practice and I called for an investigation to be opened by the FTC,” the statement said.

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