‘Lucky’ manicure store owner’s store opens in Paris

A French manicure shop owner is celebrating the opening of his new store in Paris after the country’s economic crisis made him think twice about opening another one.

Giovanni Vidal was on vacation in France with his wife and son when the country was hit hard by the global financial crisis in 2015.

He was thinking about opening a new store, but decided against it because the French economy was in a state of flux, Vidal told ABC News.

“I said, ‘I have no time, I don’t have the money for another manicure.

So I’m not opening a store in the future, it’s not in my budget, it can’t be done,'” Vidal said.

Vidal opened the first French manicures store in France in February 2016.

He now has more than 150 employees.

Villard says he’s lucky to be able to open a store that has become a model for French businesses.

He said he’s been working hard to open more stores in the past year, and he has already reached 100,000 sales in France.

“It’s really important to keep doing that, because the people are paying attention to what we’re doing,” Vidal added.

Videns store is in the center of Paris, about a three-hour drive from the city center.

It is the first manicures shop in France to be open in more than three decades.

Vigne is optimistic that more stores will open in France, but he warns against taking the easy way out.

“We have to make sure that we have the resources,” Vigne said.

“We’re here to help people and we have to work very hard.”

Vigne hopes his business model will lead to more stores opening in France and elsewhere around the world.

“This is the future of the French manicurist,” Videaux said.

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